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NET Ministries exists to Challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Over the past 40 years, NET has sent out more than 2,000 missionaries to over 150 dioceses across the country. Not only do NET teams minister to over 100,000 young people each year, they also reach out to thousands of parish workers and host families across the country.



What Does Serving
with NET Mean for Me?

Serving with NET Ministries means giving 9 months of your life to live a radical life for the Lord and inspire young people across the country to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ and increase their connection to the Catholic Church.

While serving with NET you will be placed on one of two types of teams. Each team will have 8-14 young men and women from all across the world. As a team you will push each other to grow in holiness as you work together to minister to youth. You will stay with families in the area you will be ministering in along with creating meaningful, lifelong relationships with all those you meet.

As a missionary you will learn life long skills that will be beneficial in any future vocation or career. Some of these are: 

      Having a personal prayer life

      Leadership skills

      Public speaking skills


      Having authentic Christian brotherhood and sisterhood

Team Types

Retreat Teams

Since 1981, NET retreat teams have evangelized the nation. These teams travel thousands of miles from town to town and parish to parish, leading young people in dynamic retreats ordered toward an encounter with Christ. As a retreat team missionary, you will meet more people but for a briefer time, with many high-impact moments each day. In particular, missionaries who serve on retreat teams require:

  • flexibility
  • lively faith
  • physical stamina
  • a personality suited to meeting new people constantly
  • and a desire to share their testimony daily

Team members will conduct close to 120 retreats and reach almost 1,000 youth personally in small-groups. Retreats include large group activities, talks, dramas, skits, small-group discussions, prayer, and music.


Discipleship Teams

In 2005, NET discipleship teams came on the scene. These teams travel to one specific area, embedding in a town and in a specific school, parish, or group of parishes, leading young people in large events and in small discipleship groups as together they follow Christ. As a discipleship team missionary, you will meet fewer people but for a longer time, with profound, long-term investment. In particular, missionaries who serve on discipleship teams require:

  • self-direction
  • well-developed faith
  • emotional stamina
  • a personality suited to investing long-term in people
  • and a desire to go deep in ministry

Team members will minister to hundreds of teens 1-on-1 in small-groups, on retreats and in their day-to-day life, helping them to grow in relationship with God and to seek a life of holiness.


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